#5. With the Hotel Intern

“It’s ok. Why don’t you make me a drink till then?” I was quick to comment. I turned off the shower, took my towel and came out wiping myself. What cold water shower has done to help my urge, her presence in my naked self, got the situation worse for me. My nipples were taut, and my vagina was glistening.

#4. Fingered in Flight

The old man was touching my legs. I wanted to play his game. I didn’t respond. His old hands were rough and felt better in my tender skin. It was just like a cold cheese cube is being felt by sandstone. He started moving his hands up and down, gently caressing the skin. His hands had that slight shiver and were slow moving cautiously. I didn’t want him to be cautious. I knew unless I give him a signal he won’t try much.

#3. In public without a panty (Part 2).

In there it was the just the air feeling my naked buttock as if someone touching them, feeling the cheesy skin. Out there the blowing wind felt like someone caressing and patting the curves of my carved buttocks. Something very soft and delicate was playing with my both the cheeks mischievously.

#2. In public without a panty (Part 1)

My bottom felt so different. Of course my hips swayed when I walked, but today both the cheeks were rubbing against each other. I had never felt the inner valley of my hips, but now, my both the round cheeks were feeling each other. It was surely my body yet I felt as if someone else is feeling me down there.

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