#2. In public without a panty (Part 1)

It was a big day for me.

I was in Delhi to appear for the group discussion and personal interview to crack the college of my choice. I had faired quite well in written test.

The room of Taj was cozy enough, and I had travelled a lot since my childhood so the new place and new bed wasn’t any issue, still I hadn’t been able to sleep well the entire night. It was the anxiety.

I checked the clock. It was five. I was supposed to report at eleven, and for that I would have to leave by seven. That offered an hour to spare before the buffet breakfast starts at six. I thought a warm long bath could help ease me, and I left the lap of my bed.

I was wearing my lucky shameez, superstition, the one which I had been wearing for years while going to bed whenever I had something big the next morning. I had grown for the size, short enough to expose my panty and tight enough at the bust to keep it unbuttoned, still comfortable to fit-in.

Out of the quilt, the cold expressed itself to my skin. My pink nipples immediately were taut. I rubbed my arms and altered the temperature to suit myself. Moving up to the window and undid a part of the curtain, just to ensure that I was aware when the dawn breaks. I kept my phone on charging and walked towards the bathroom taking off my sacrosanct shameez.

I didn’t have a happy bowel movement but apart from that entire hour went in complete tranquil. My nerves and heartbeats were normal. With the first buzz of the alarm I was out of the embrace of warm water and didn’t took more than few minutes to get ready. I was on the breakfast table sharp at six. I ate light, had some juice and left.

Oh! Did I forget to tell you what I was wearing? Well, nothing much exciting. It was black and white thin horizontal stripes dress comfortably fitted to my curves till my waist held by a slim white belt. From the waist, at my navel, the dress was lose and ran till my mid-thigh. Black stilettoes completed me with sling a bag hung on left shoulder.


For once I had thought of wearing a formal white shirt with a formal grey skirt but the formal skirts are tight and a visible pantyline would have been too bad. G-strings and thongs, back then, were not my choices.

(If you wanna know what kind I wear now check it out here.)

Once out of the hotel I learnt there was a bandh announced because of the death of a senior local leader. It was out of respect and was followed by most in a non-violent way. Public transport, hospitals and other such necessities were working. Hotel’s car dropped me to the nearest metro station with directions to change the train at a particular station. I made it in time.

Five minutes to eleven I was at the scene. Morning’s failure came back haunting. Within few minutes of arrival I felt the need to visit the washroom but a gentleman, rather a heartthrob bearded elder boy with ocean blue eyes dressed in blue denim with white T and khaki blazer,  was briefing the procedure and I couldn’t miss it at any cost. Well, the cost came heavy. I thought it was just gas when I eased my rectum muscles but it was more than that. I was in shit, literally.

A chill ran through my spine. It felt disgusting but what choice did I have? I held myself firmly, even though I could hear someone nearby mentioning the smell. It was embarrassing, embarrassing enough to overshadow my disgust. A fright struck me.

‘What if someone learns that smell is of shit and coming from me? I will be a laughing stock for the bored aspirants. Above that, how will I participate in the group discussion? I need to be at my confident best.’ But my state of mind was nowhere even near to what is called confidence.

The moment briefing ended I rushed towards the washroom. Thankfully, my stomach eased up completely but the hell had broken. My panty was soiled, and I couldn’t wear it back.

‘What to do? Shall I go out and buy a new one? Not possible, who in India opens a lingerie shop at nine thirty in the morning. Shall I ask someone for it… Are you mad? Who carries a spare panty with herself? Are you carrying? No. Then?’

I didn’t realise that fifteen minutes had passed in all that. It meant I was not there on the floor for the same long time, and if my name was called I was nowhere around and could have missed my chance. This struck me very hard. Leaving that soiled panty in the bin I marched towards the hall wearing not a thing beneath.

My hands were shivering, forehead glistening with sweat, and my walk not the usual one. It was the unease of the fear of being missed out. I just wanted to be in the hall as quick as I could and get through the evaluation rounds with flying colours.

Once amongst my co-aspirants I learnt that the group discussion hadn’t yet started. I released a sigh of relief. Once the anxiety was drained, my mind started experiencing the nakedness of my lower body. Yeah, I wasn’t actually naked but I was without a panty which was like a second skin to me. I had never felt that way.


I had never felt the cool air kissing the cheese skin of my soft buttocks. The shield of my buttocks was lying in the bin, stinking. I looked around. No one was looking at me with investigative eyes. In fact no one was actually looking at me interestingly. I saw a corner far away from where I stood but near to the passage where the blue eyed boy had disappeared; the passage which led to the classrooms for group discussion (GD).

I started towards it. But what? My bottom felt so different. Of course my hips swayed when I walked, but today both the cheeks were rubbing against each other. I had never felt the inner valley of my hips, but now, my both the round cheeks were feeling each other. It was surely my body yet I felt as if someone else is feeling me down there.


It should have made me uneasy. But no, all it did was to create a twitch between my legs in the front. I was getting wet. Why? There was actually no reason for it. I had come to win an admission to the college. It was academics and not romance. I was in a public place and not in my private condo. Neither was anyone looking at me in a particular way nor was I looking at anything. Then why was I having that feeling of experiencing a subtle arousal?

Oh yeah! I got the answer. Didn’t I say that it felt as if some person is feeling my bottom? Yes. That was the reason for the hormones’ activation. I wanted it to reside, but more I fought within the hornier I felt. There was only one way to be out of it – stop thinking. But to stop thinking I needed to stop feeling, or my bums should stop feeling each other. Idea! I took the corner and stood still. No walking no swaying; no swaying no feeling, no feeling issue addressed.

The calmness again seeped in and my focus was back on the task on hand. ‘Crack the round, fair well, and be out of here; as quickly as possible.’

Seems someone heard me up there and my name was there in the first group itself. Problem was I had to walk. And by now you very well know what walking was doing to me.

‘The bums who are behaving like assholes are a part of your body. They gotta be in your control and follow your command.’ With this thought I started conversing with myself.

‘Now listen carefully, Ovviya. Walk with your feet with shoulder width apart. The closer your feet are the more they sway. Remember, how those ftv models walk crossing their steps? They do it just make their ass swing like a pendulum. You just need to do opposite.’

‘Cool. Brilliant idea.’

‘One more thing. Tighten up your hip muscles and do not let them lose and free to do whatever they feel like with each other. This may make your walk a bit stiff but who cares when your mind is stable. And if, just in case if, someone asks about it you can say you have a sore knee.’

‘You are a genius, Ovviya. I wish I could kiss you.’

‘Shut-up. Don’t flatter yourself with your own praises. Remember, the room you will enter is a battle ground. Stay focused and shoot to kill.’

‘Aye Aye Madam.’

I did what I was told, though by myself only, it worked.



“He was meeting his friend after a year, and little he knew that she stays with her married sister. And this friend, who had always been so sophisticated and prime, could turn out to be such a nymph.”




I knew I will be there tomorrow again, shortlisted and called, for the personal interview round. I was the best in the group. Not only I had seen that praise worthy looks in the judges’ eyes but even my competitors had clapped thrice during those twenty minutes. Before leaving, the host of the discussion, the blue eyed bearded man, had given me a firm handshake. No doubts he was impressed.

I couldn’t see a taxi and then I realised it was a bandh. The metro station was near, so I chose to walk. There were many people walking up and down the road, following the bandh without any fuss.

Walking again brought the same thing back but this time it was more. I was not only in public but also out in the open. The people around were much more than the handful up there for the GD, and probably nothing so important up their mind to not look where they should not look.

And because of monsoon it was windy. Fear came in with some images flashing across my mind. ‘God! Nothing if this sort should happen. Please!’



What happened next is there in the next blog. Roads were busy, station crowded, and train jam-packed.

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  1. Ummm..yummy💋🔥💋
    Genius ovviya with sexy body..all managed confidently n very nicely by ovviya..except one thing.. guess wht?
    I wonder what’s abt panty lying in bin? 😛😉🤓


  2. Saussy n juicy imagination aroused my senses n made me horny…cheesy n buttery language n silky imagination…killer combination..sachhi..muchhi!!!


  3. Ovviya always succeeded to raise anxiety and curiosity among readers for next curtain raiser show stopper, happening..tentacle tauting scene suspense.
    I would appreciate with most liberal sentiments for such a wonderful and artistic manner..
    Most beautiful part of ovviya is I think it’s voyage of best chosen words n ariticulated most elegantly to make me believe I can see ovviya right front of me…
    Such a fine writer with ability to live ovviya b4 writing abt her!!! Kudos to writer n cheers to ovviya-flaunting 🔥 🔥🔥💋


  4. Kool presentation to arise body temperature to feel hot.. ovviya is prettt naughty to handle..
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  6. naughty ovviya, did somebody tell you that..u r gonna rocking without ur panty ?
    U know why??
    Caz u r rockstar… liked much content n despo to know whts next in ur kitty 😛😉


  7. This was another master piece of commendable writing skill…ovviya deserves big round of applause with tons of compliement for her superfluous n pristinepresence of mind it suck awkword situation!!
    Flattery dialogue of self appraising ovviya are rocking 👌🏻👏🏻🤘🏼


  8. The more I read the more I feel like being a part of Ovviya n her world
    The best part it the beauty of the content presented in the most appealing manner
    Three cheers to Ovviya n her creator


  9. I have all my regards to ovviya for the sense of ability she carried during the most crucial part of time… Laurels and thunderous applause to the write for making me feel nothing less than Ovviya herself. It is the skills n beauty of the writer which carries the reader to their beautiful world
    Waiting eagerly for the continuation….


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