#4. Fingered in Flight

My flight had just landed in Mumbai. The long flight had not been comfortable at all. No, I am not to say about the services, but it was my dress that had bothered me so much.

I was there to conduct a session for college students. It was good. But the question and answer session turned out to be longer than I had expected. Eventually, I got late and had no time to change into something comfortable. I was rushed to the airport and just made it in time.

I was in formal pant-shirt. It was quite tight and sitting for long travel was not so good.


Now you know why my body was like gasping for air?

The first thing I did was to change my clothes. When I came out I was a head turner like I always am. I was wearing white summer dress. Not fully formal but neither a very casual one. It ended somewhere between the hip and knee. The noodle straps too were close to my neck instead of being on my shoulder because the dress had a huge drop armhole. From both the sides the dress was open from the noodle strap till my lowest rib and of course I couldn’t wear a bra under it. Even from the front the covering was more like an apron, and broad just enough to hide my breasts instead of covering them fully. It wasn’t backless, rather from back it covered as much as from front.. I looked elegant and was comfortable after removing all my undergarments in the loose dress.


I checked my watch. It was three hours for my connecting flight to Kolkata. I went to my airlines counter and they guided me towards the arrangement to shift me from the arrival to departure terminal. Once in the bus I could sense how the boys were eyeing the skin on my sides. I felt nice. I waited for ten minutes and when realised that they are just enjoying the sight and are not one of those who would misbehave, I decided to give them a bit of a treat. I raised my arm to hold the bar on the top, allowing the entire side skin and my armpits for them to be devoured by eyes. They were glued to it. And the jerks in the bus did jitter my un-captivated breasts like a jelly.


When I got down from the bus and had entered the airport a young boy in Khaki short and grey vest came running to me. He had a fabulous shade of pink to his skin, nice lips, and light curly hair. He looked charming.

“Mam, are you the one who came to our college last month for a session on entrepreneurship?”

“I might be. I can confirm once you tell me your college.” I have been known for such sessions and I have visited three colleges previous month. He told his college and I knew I was there.

“Mam, can I please have a selfie with you. If you don’t mind, pleaaaase.”  Could sense how nervous he was.

“Yeah, sure. Who knows tomorrow you become a big man and deny a slefie with me?” I made it easy for him.

He took out his iPhone 6 and got the camera in reverse mode and posed. He was still being a bit shy, and too conscious to touch me. I wasn’t such a bad lady. I got close to him and placed my arm on his back, on the waist. He too got a bit comfortable and placed his arm on my back. His palm landed on my skin. I could feel his cold hands shouting his nervousness. He clicked two pics. He was a through gentle boy.

“Thanks Mam.”

“Well, these are for your records.” I pulled out my phone, an iPhone 5, and said, “Let me have some for my records.”

I placed my right hand on his shoulder and with a pause he too did the same. He was in a vest and the sides of my dress were open. Our skins touched. His body wasn’t as cold as his hands were. I felt warm and cozy. I havn’t been with a guy for quite some time. I had been busy with work and not time to hunt for one. I touched my head with his, tilting towards him, and this time I got a nice smile on his face. I clicked few moving the camera held up but making slight movements. And then it happened. His hand on my shoulder too got moved and twice it touched my left breast. He might have not even realised but my nipples tightened.

I wanted to ask him for a drink but just then he reacted to an announcement.

“Mam, that’s my Goa flight.”

“Then you must rush. This airline doesn’t wait.”

“Yes, Mam. And thanks a lot for your time. I will cherish it for my life.”

“Enjoy boy. May you have a long life and be a star bigger than anyone you have met.” I gave him a peck on his cheek and he ran.

My gaze followed him till he had entered the passage towards flight. His friends were excited. He showed his cheek where my lipstick marks were there. A couple of them tried to kiss him there and he pushed them away. I know, he would be teased and troubled till he gets those lips of mine off his face. How contagious is the charm of young blood?

I moved towards the boarding counter. Many men ahead of me in the queue gave me way. Of course they cannot check-out a woman standing behind them. The way my dress exposed from the back with just a strip it was tease more than that of backless one. Finally I reached the counter and was taking my boarding pass a man came.

“Excuse me; I think I dropped my ID card here.” The man must be in his sixties. Bald head, white twirled moustache, Navy blue denim, white shirt, brown blazer with leather patches on the elbows and had worn a gent’s scarf around his neck like a tie tucked inside the shirt. His personality matched that of a defense officer, but it was his hoarse and deep voice that mesmerized me.

“Sure Sir. May I help you?” I responded.

“That’s fine. It’s here.” He had forgotten it in the basket for tags to be put on the hand baggage.

I got my boarding pass in time. I made my way to the smoking room. I was half done when the same man came in and asked me for the light. That was strange. In the smoking room electric lighters are all over the place, and this man seems to be a regular with flights. His calm on the boarding desk when he had misplaced his ID explained it. “Is he trying to break the ice with me?” He knew that I too am going to Kolkata and since he was just ahead of me and we both are single travellers, maybe even our seats are by each other’s side.

I thought of playing a bit. I gave him my cigarette to light his. We both smoked the same brand.

“Kolkata?” He asked.

“Yeah. You too?” I again played. It was obvious that we both were to board the same flight and this flight had no halts.

“Yeah.” He smiled. What bright set of teeth he had.

We spoke till my cigarette got over and then I was about to leave when he too crushed his half smoked cigarette and asked me.

“Care for a drink?”

“I was going that way only.”

“Mind my company?”

“Not at all. But I will pay for my drinks. You aren’t buying for me.”

He laughed, “Ok.”

Once at the bar table I asked him.

“What made you laugh when I told I would pay for my drinks.”

“Well, nothing offensive. In our times it was rude not to buy the lady a drink one is boozing with. I think now it is rude to buy her a drink.”

“Nothing offensive. It’s just, as you said, change of times.” I patted her knee in a friendly manner. I smiled. Really things had changed a lot.

He was a nice company and we drank till the boarding was announced. We boarded together. We sat together, our seats were so. I was a bit tipsy and as soon as the flight took off I took the privilege of catching up a nap. Windows were drawn lights were off; it was almost seven in the evening when I felt something on my knee. I didn’t open my eyes but was out of sleep. I understood.


The old man was touching my legs. I wanted to play his game. I didn’t respond. His old hands were rough and felt better in my tender skin. It was just like a cold cheese cube is being felt by sandstone. He started moving his hands up and down, gently caressing the skin. His hands had that slight shiver and were slow moving cautiously. I didn’t want him to be cautious. I knew unless I give him a signal he won’t try much.

I allowed my thighs to open a bit, as if losing it to his touch. As soon as I did I felt that my crotch was open, open to be seen. If he takes a peek under the dress he would have a clear picture of my vertical lips, for sure.

I have been dressing up in my own ways, where if someone tries hard might see something, but that was totally different. I was in the flight, with a man probably more than double my age, who was trying something naughty but with great caution, and I was encouraging him.  And he took the encouragement in his stride.

He casually moved up my legs. I could feel his firmness on the knee. But what was he waiting for? It felt as if he is just feeling me in there. He is seeing after decades how does the bottom of a middle-age women feels like. Or perhaps he was a widower, and it has been long since he has touched a woman between her legs, uncovered. Or as all of it happening in fully loaded passenger public plane was arousing me, for him also the same thing applied. It’s a rare for two adventurous people to get on an airplane, drunk, having the same appetite for risk to pleasure. Whatever it was, i had started feeling firmly that he is up to something.


When it went on for more than what i could hold the suspense for I opened my eyes. He was looking at me. I blinked once. Gave no instruction, no gesture, nothing. But still he got it. And he started caressing my thighs as if he was a teenage boy who has got a chance to explore the unknown terrain for the first time. He was delicate, careful, and warm. It reminded me of the boy with whom I had clicked selfies before meeting the dirty, old, irresistible man.

I was getting wetter with every inch his hands traveled. I threw a glance on his crouch. He too was hard. I got my hands on his zipper, and he got his hands under my skirt. We both got on to our work.

I whispered to him, “It’s been long someone touched me like this.”

He whispered back indicating towards his erection, “It’s been too long to recall I could get it like this.”

We both were seeing each other straight in the eyes, working on our tasks with no haste. But that was the mistake. We were still enjoying when we heard the announcement of landing. We increased the speed. We weren’t near the climax and then the lights turned bright. Co-passengers were more awake, and to top it air hostesses started making rounds to check for the seat belt.

We had to end, without reaching our end. There was a mix of embarrassment and slight frustration in both of us. We weren’t talking. Plane landed and we were nearing the luggage belt when I decided to take the initiative.

The night was young and we both were adult. Let’s get into some nice hotel and complete what was still wet down in me, and hard in him. While walking towards him I noticed, he was still hard. Must be as hard as wet I was. I was about to call him, when he turned towards the waiting area. A young girl of around eight years was waving her hand to him. The kid was held by a lady of the old man’s age.

I got it. The family is there to receive him. I moved fast and walked past him dropping a ‘thanks for the evening’ in his ears. He might have smiled, might not. God knows and he himself.

I took my luggage and got into a cab. I was so wet that I was leaking. I had no choice. My hotel was an hour from the airport. I paid extra, much extra to the old aged driver. There were lights and crowd on the streets. Festive season was on and bright.

I started doing it to myself on the backseat.


I was done once by the time I reached my hotel. But one wasn’t enough. What happened in the hotel will be shared soon.






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11 thoughts on “#4. Fingered in Flight

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  1. quite a neat narration, takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions. makes me think can we have one exp like this.. i had one quite near to this on a overnight bus ride. eager to know how it ends.


  2. nice one.. but was expecting a climax….
    these thing happened to me also with my overseas business partner…she is really beautiful lady from USA with perfect shape..on my first meeting itself i used to imagine about her nipples and lovely pink pussy..but controlled my eager always with me and acted like a gentleman… on the final day she wants to pack and go to airport and while dropping her at hotel she asked me to help her packing.. .. And now imagine SHE is Ovviya.. continue we all are waiting… 😉


  3. All her previous blogs kept me thinking but this wasn’t.. nice n neat narration.. liked character builds… Like usual, waiting for wat happened post hotel check in. She keeps blogers/readers fingers crosing each other by the end of the page.


  4. Ovviya next door kinky bombshell… u cud ve chose that young charming boy 😜😍
    Sexy narration.. hot pics.. n top of it.. fingering act overjoyed 💋👅👏🏻
    Loved ur blog.. make it hotter n sizzling
    Good luck n 😘😘💋


  5. Congos for another feather added into ovviya…splendid, stimulating experience…lucky old man 😉😋
    Bold act by ovviya.. despo to know wht happened next….😍😘💋


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