#5. With the Hotel Intern

If you haven’t read the first part, then check it out here.

By the time I reached the hotel I was wet and horny. Yes, I had masturbated once in the cab but that wasn’t enough at all. I was too high to be satiated by just one orgasm. Carrying my bag, I was walking swiftly in a haste to get into my room. And at the reception I was greeted by a charming beauty.

Blonde hair girl, wearing a white tight shirt with her name ‘Monisha’ on a badge pinned just above her left breast. The shirt she was wearing was stitched to her sizes leaving little to imagination about her 34C. As I landed on the desk with a sweet smile released from voluptuous pink lips welcomed me.



“He was meeting his friend after a year, and little he knew that she stays with her married sister. And this friend, who had always been so sophisticated and prime, could turn out to be such a nymph”



“Good Evening Mam. How can I help you?”

“I have a booking in the name of Ovviya.”

“Give me a minute mam.”

She went back to the computer finding the reservation. Her hairs were nicely tightened in a bun. Just a pair of tops in the name of accessories, and a natural colour nail paint was all she sported.

“Excuse me Mam, may I have your second name?”

“I just have a name. No second name.”

“Oh!” She again went back to her work in within seconds, “Yeah, here it is. Apologies for the inconvenience.”

“Are you new?”

“I am actually an intern in the housekeeping.”

“Then what are you doing on front desk?”

“Covering for my friend. She is there.” She pointed towards a corner of the lobby where a girl was over phone. “She is having a spat with her bf, so.”

I smiled, “That’s nice of you.”

“Thanks a lot. Mam, I will take you to your room and if it is ok will do the paperwork when she is back. I don’t want to make any goof ups.”

“That’s perfectly fine with me.”

She escorted me to my room. I was following her, and observing how nice and toned her stocking clad thighs moved swaying her hips captured in a maroon tight mini skirt. Though the entire floor was carpeted but as she entered the room her pencil heels made those tick-tock sounds on the wooden flooring.


As I entered I observed how nicely with a modern touch to everything the rooms were. It was a new hotel, a seven star, targeting mostly foreigners coming for work purpose. She placed my bag and checked for the water and other complimentary in the refrigerator. I observed she was good in the house keeping, taking care of things as if the check list was in front of her eyes, and she was ticking each check point one by one. I was impressed. She looked good, she helped her friend, and in her domain of housekeeping she excelled.

I threw myself on the lounge chair and took off my stilettoes.

“Can you make me a drink?”

“Sure. What would you prefer?”

“Scotch?” I asked if they had it in the mini bar, while I pulled a cigarette from my purse.

“Yeah.” She opened up the scotch bottle and brought it to the mouth of the glass and asked, “A double?”

“Hmm.” I nodded with cigarette in my lips.

Her back was towards me when she was making the drink. God knows why, but I felt as if I was checking her out. Her skirt was borderline long, and that was making curious to get at least one view of what was there beneath that fabric.

Well, she dropped two ice cubes, stirred it, and brought it to me. I was still struggling to find the lighter. A usual thing when you are coming from an airport. She held the tray to me, I picked the glass and sipped. It tasted well. She placed the tray on the table and pulled a lighter from the small pocket on the waist belt of her skirt and lighted it for me. I took her help, and she left the lighter on the table and just then the intercom in my room rang.

She was asking for my permission to take her leave when the intercom in the room rang. She went ahead and attended it and got back to me.

“Mam, my friend is back on the desk. I will just get the papers to be signed to you.”


“Mam, she would need your ID card, as you are our first time guest.”

I handed her my Passport and she left. I was already high on hormones and with some spirit and tobacco it swung high. As soon as the door was closed, I pulled of my dress and took a huge gulp of the scotch and held the ice cube with my mouth. It hit me quite well. I sat on the bed, but sat low. It was just my shoulders on the backrest. I started playing with the ice cube and my breasts. To start with I rubbed the ice cube on my nipples.


Nipples became cold, and then to combat the drop in temperature blood flow increased in that particular body part and my nipples started getting tight, and tighter, and erect with the pain of pleasure. And then i held the ice cube with its cold water dripping on the peaked up nipples.


 I kept doing it till i couldn’t bear it anymore. Even my fingers and thumb had gone numb. I placed the ice cube on my stomach. And it started doing the same what it had done to my nipples.


Naked and smoking I moved towards the bathroom. Shower was the last thing I could think of; my inner thighs were still sticky with my orgasm in the cab.

As I moved towards the bathroom I felt as if it is just another section of the room. There wasn’t any door. The wall separating the room and bathroom was a see through glass from where the giant television screen could be seen. There was a remote on the wash basin platform and a speaker placed next it. I checked with remote, and TV started and the speaker made everything running on the screen audible in the bathroom. I surfed few channels but there wasn’t anything interesting so finally I turned it off.


By now my cigarette was done. I threw it in the flush and flushed it. My hand turned on the rain shower and every drop of blood in my body felt the cool. I used the body gel and soaped my body well when the doorbell rang. I could hear it not from outside but from somewhere in the bathroom. I looked around and found that next to the mirror there was a screen, iPad size, which was actually a monitor to see who has come. The same one was there at the door also. I moved towards the screen and saw, it was Monisha. On the screen there was a touch button in red saying ‘talk’. I touched it and the red changed to green. First thing I said was, “can you hear me?”

“Yes, mam.”

“Ok, then come in.”

“Ok mam.”

She opened the door with her card key and entered. By now I was back under the shower rinsing the soap off.


When done, I turned around and found that Monisha was looking at me from the other side of the glass. As our eyes met, she apologized.

“Sorry mam.”

“It’s ok. Why don’t you make me a drink till then?” I was quick to comment. I turned off the shower, took my towel and came out wiping myself. What cold water shower has done to help my urge, her presence in my naked self, got the situation worse for me. My vagina was glistening and my nipples were taut.


She held the glass for me. I took my peg and sipped. She the file with papers and my passport. She was nervous. First, she had done a mistake of watching me bathe, and then unexpectedly I had not taken it offensive and was now just inches away from her with my bare body. She could smell my aroma without any effort. She could easily estimate the size of my poking nipples.

I took the passport and moved towards my purse. I moved slowly so that she gets enough time to adore me. There was this unknown pleasure that was driving my every action. placed it in my purse and came back to sign the papers. I initiated a conversation.

“I wasn’t expecting you so soon.”

“Yeah. Actually, her shift is about to change. And she cannot have a guest without papers na. She could be in deep shit. And even I could land in trouble for helping her.”

“It’s such an irony.”

“What mam?”

“Helping someone could land one in trouble.”

“Yeah. What a thought? Are you a writer? Or a philosopher?”

“Both. Sort of both.”

Papers were signed. We both looked at each other with a smile. Her smile was saying thanks, and mine was saying its ok. She closed the file and was about to leave, when I asked her.

“Till what time will the kitchen be open?”

“Another half an hour, Mam. Tell me your order, I will serve it myself.”

“I want it late. I plan to drink, drink for few hours.”

“Oh. No worries Mam. You can place your order now, and I will serve it when you want.”

“Thanks. I will order it right now.”

“My pleasure, Mam.”

“One more thing.”


“Would you mind joining me for some drinks?”

“I can.” A wide smile appeared on her face.

“No issues with the hotel rules?”

“There are. But I am a college intern. So, not much of an issue. Anyway, I stay here only as I am not from here.”

“That’s great.”

“You just place your order. I will get the arrangement done, change and come. Won’t take long.” She was now busting with joy.

“Fine. Why don’t you order for us? You know the delicacies of your kitchen better.”

“With pleasure.”

“Well then, see you soon.”

She left almost jumping. I carried on with my drink, but before I could start with the third peg she was back. Dressed to kill in a white lose top that had a T shape at the back and massive droop armholes; drooping enough to expose her side boobs. Along with that all she wore was a pink and white panty and eyeglasses.


I was already two pegs down and horny from even before when I had entered the hotel. She was young, hot, chubby, and about to get drunk with me. Just these thoughts were making me tickle between my legs.

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Meanwhile make a guess what I wore for the night. Tell me your guesses in the comment box.



Amazon Bestseller Rank 7.

“When Alok (33 years old man) made it to their (25m/23f couple) house as a paying guest, he had no idea what was in store for him.”




Till then, be alive.

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  1. what a start and a good curiosity build up both mind n other senses. It quite interesting to hear how the intern gets seduced . Imagining a young bubbly girl full prime oozes her sex.
    great writing ..love it….


  2. Hi Ovviya,

    What a steamy n hot start to the story… Thoroughly enjoyed reading the story and would look forward to see what happens next… Its very exciting.

    Posted a comment and also made the guess too that was mentioned in the last line of the post 😉

    Thank you, Shamik

    On Aug 30, 2017 1:56 AM, “Ovviya – a woman of today.” wrote:

    > Ovviya posted: “If you haven’t read the first part, then check it out > here. By the time I reached the hotel I was wet and horny. Yes, I had > masturbated once in the cab but that wasn’t enough at all. I was too high > to be satiated by just one orgasm. Carrying my bag, I was” >


  3. What a tease it was. I would be looking forward to see what happens next. Am sure it would be steamy n hot as it is in the starting itself 😉😉
    My guess would be a sexy panty n a loose translucent shirt 😉


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